Welcome to the wonderful world of Bart meets Punk 




BartPunks started with a small collection of 25 individual Bitcoin Stamped BartPunks sized 24×24 pixels, so much Bart and so much Punk for so little pixels. Each BartPunk has a supply of 100, 2500 V1 BartPunks total.

BartPunks were created on the Bitcoin Stamp protocol (SRC) permanently stamped into the bitcoin blockchain forever,  unprunable UTXO art.

Throughout NFT history, Homer has enjoyed the limelight, now it is time for Bart/BartPunks to shine!

You can view/buy all V1 BartPunks here or here or in the next section of this webpage, or by clicking  V1 BartPunks in the menu section, you can also view on stampchain

All V1 BartPunks are stamped pre 60k, using the non-spendable option, meaning that the data can never be lost or spent, truly stamped into the Bitcoin blockchain forever,  V1 BartPunks are early Bitcoin Stamps, Bart Punk 1 – Bart Punk 25 (First – Last)

 BartPunks now has its very own SRC-20 memecoin ticker: BART, with a 1,000,000,000 supply, more info to come……….

BartPunks has just started his Journey, please join us

V1 Bart Punks

The First original SRC (stamp) Bart Punk NFT collection

 Full collection can also be viewed here or here

25 unique 24×24 pixel BartPunks to collect, SRC (stamp Protocol) forever on blockchain, can’t be pruned. Total amount of BartPunks = 2500

BartPunk 1

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 1 here: 1LosquFsyvV3AXrzQUkQAjDVJxTAYfmS9q

BartPunk 2

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 2 here: 1PbNA6AJxv84pzGiw8xWs92w1TLF6rR6GP

BartPunk 3

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 3 here: 12vjwfSRUuGvRLT4VbaYFouC5Vwqo8VUEs

BartPunk 4

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 4 here: 1MMr6cdJafM7615mhJsiZDTx2kZst3KVQ5

BartPunk 5

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 5 here: 1P2fYgTtcpMj7npLg56XL4MCdiHumJcN9b

BartPunk 6

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 6 here: 1EFdG24NUvJu412SSrXjxpTNUgpZZC1CGo

BartPunk 7

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 7 here: 1bze46xNngN1jPnVsSqJvHR6qViLKo9oX

BartPunk 8

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 8 here: 1Dd3fgvVkuZrYovaYf9RckwwuEbuNPa8Qc

BartPunk 9

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 9 here: 14gtHwY85ubxKKm4RZV2tEmN7GjsYpaKsV

BartPunk 10

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 10 here: 1GT6bDsqE3gwgMaashBt3ALSBCY621pfAS

BartPunk 11

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 11 here: 1CH1qA74FXYU8GwAGMKCsFKKTSFaZSvyUw

BartPunk 12

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 12 here: 15hvXft2TtdYpGdFoiuFeY5waqSvsr1FvR

BartPunk 13

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 13 here: 1FYP7g1imTfuy2WFB91NRueMLUYMAP1xND

BartPunk 14

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 14 here: 1HVfZoUEMB2xMqcrjJt9GXinvMdzcnqguu

BartPunk 15

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 15 here: 1LfwYHNHjRff6tS8PGAGHUxMhhjF2Lu87V

BartPunk 16

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 16 here: 1FGDbDcfPE925Ljj5ZM9mcYwB1SczHvWE6

BartPunk 17

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 17 here: 13dGqs34MKNGhL9q9bVJiwww8iPoAKaknZ

BartPunk 18

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 18 here: 1ExPjsyzV4zRHobQiyuDaPtAJCAk8ibgsV

BartPunk 19

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 19 here: 14hbT9cUNiajF6LjMK7gSARvoFi4QSDvy8

BartPunk 20

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 10 here: 1NwnftCefU56GKqHYKTJkMgb31djWdb3yB

BartPunk 21

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 21 here: 1LnicwWMxBPnn5DcUKJYBWAPfGBxSTgnQW

BartPunk 22

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 22 here: 1QKbS8aYTmoFRfbEyK7t5cw8uWebXDYnT4

BartPunk 23

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 23 here: 1Ey2Zg3tUPQyn3mgpRTaBvwn1ahDJvVWRV

BartPunk 24

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 24 here: 1L66UaZpPtBs3EySCa6QU33psQoDMSLtjW

BartPunk 25

Send 0.001 BTC to mint 1X bartpunk 25 here: 14gNBZDrQmYoqpnSb1cPt3jT1r8PQCiJPk

Each BartPunk costs 0.001 BTC to Mint/Buy. We recommend using ninja wallet  where you can buy your Bartpunk’s and input how many you would like all from there, very easy.

Alternatively you can purchase from any bitcoin address that is stamp compatible by sending  0.001 BTC to the corresponding BartPunk address that you wish to receive, you can also send multiples to receive multiples of that BartPunk, for example send 0.002 to the corresponding address to buy 2X of the corresponding BartPunk. BartPunks were fair/stealth launched, and only available until they are fully minted/bought out.

If you collect all 25 (A full V1 BartPunk Set Holder) you will be airdropped a rare unique BartPunk

Please ensure the wallet/address you use is compatible to hold/Buy Bitcoin Stamps ( i.e


BART is a SRC-20 memecoin 

More info coming soooooooon.


Maximum Supply 1,000,000,000

More info to come soon……..


Stage 1

  •  V1 BartPunks Launched
  •  BART SRC-20 Memecoin
  • List V1 BartPunks/Bart
  •  Website & structured plan/Utility for BartPunks & BART (SRC-20)

Stage 1 complete

  • Sell/Mint out all 2500 v1 BartPunks
  • Airdrop Exclusive/special edition BartPunk stamps

Stage 2 incomplete

Stage 2

Stage 3

  • CEX Listing/s
  • Bart Exchange listing
  • CMC listed

Stage 3 incomplete

  • Bart staking pairs and platform
  • V2 BartPunks (10,000 unique BartPunks)

Stage 4 incomplete

Stage 4

Stage 5

  • Additional Marketplace/s for BartPunks
  • BART Listed on 10 exchanges/CEX

Stage 5 incomplete

V2 BartPunks

Coming Soon

BartPunks Volume 2 will be a 10,000 BartPunk SRC-721 Collection

All V2 BartPunk Holders will recieve BART (SRC-20) Airdrop

Work is ongoing, more info will be provided shortly………. 


Q: What Value will I receive if I collect all 25 V1 BartPunks?

A: To start with you will have collected 25 unique Bitcoin Stamps, which are unprunable collectable art stamped into the  bitcoin blockchain, On top of this you will receive an additional exclusive BartPunk (Very Rare), airdrops such as limited edition BartPunks.  More to announce soon….

Q: IWhat utility will BART (SRC-20) offer?

A: more info will be released soon!

Q: Do I still have time to collect all 25 unique V1 BartPunk’s?

A: Yes, there are BartPunks currently available, how long they will remain available is unknown, better to secure a.s.a.p.

Q: What do you mean by fair/stealth launch?

A: Fair Launch meaning no presale, all opportunities are equal to all, launched and available to purchase while stocks last, stealth launch meaning no promotion, no prior notices, just launched and announced as and when (after), not a scheduled time with lots of promotion. We feel that this way is the best way, as it gives everyone the same chance to get in early, no over-mints etc., steady gradual growth.

Q: Will V2 BartPunks be the same style of V1 BartPunks?

A: No, V2 Bartpunks will have many unique traits, backgrounds and created by multiple hand selected artists.

Q: If I have any other questions, where and who do I speak with?

A: Join our telegram channel, and speak with owner/admin there.

What is new and and what updates are there?
To start with we now have a twitter account
We have launched BART (SRC-20)
initially we listed V1 BartPunks here:
Now V1 BartPunks are listed here aswell:
with freewallet not supporting stamps, it is great that you can now buy/send/sell BartPunks on Stamped Ninja
We now have a BartPunk leaderboard:
So far we have 33 collectors, and one member currently holding a full set, Congrats @Ant_2222
Keep an eye open here and on twitter, as we will be giving away 25 BartPunks via Twitter, giveaways will be posted in this chat, starting with a giveaway today!
V2 BartPunks are underway, and will be an SRC-721 drop, which should help grow BartPunks
So lots of new Info, wheels are turning
Get your early Volume 1 BartPunks now whilst stocks Last


BartPunks/BART/ has no affiliation with the Simpsons and/or the official show.

BartPunks/BartPunk/BART/ is merely a meme/memecoin 

BartPunks/BartPunk/BART/ does not accept any financial responsibility to anyone that has lost any money/tokens/crypto, or any loss at all, and trading crypto/memecoins/NFT’s/cryptoart/stamps/src/src-20 has risks of loss, so only buy/trade at your own risk.

BartPunks/BartPunk/BART/ offers no expectations of financial gains, do not invest what you are not willing to lose on any products/memecoins/nft/art/stamp/src/src-20/products offered or in relation to, any offers are subject to change and/or subject to terms and conditions and retains the right to refuse on any grounds, any decision made by is final, has  worked hard to ensure all information provided within is accurate at the time of writing, but holds no responsibility for any inaccurate information here within

This disclaimer also applies for BartPunks Telegram channel and Twitter content